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Big Sound Tiny Package
Next Generation Earphones with a Modern Design
<b style=""><font color="#b1f041">Big Sound </font><font color="#ffffff">Tiny Package</font></b>
  • Invisible: So sleek they are barely visible from the front.
  • Powerful Audio: Impressive sounding speakers.
  • Long Lasting Battery: Listen to up to 150 hours of music.
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With EarDrops, We Created The Next Generation Of Earphones.

The smallest earphones that can be worn at any time, regardless of whether you are going for a stroll, working out, or even sleeping.



Powerful Audio

Powerful Audio

Long Lasting Battery

Long Lasting Battery



Rain Drops? No sweat.Rain Drops? No sweat.
Rain Drops? No sweat.

Nothing, not even rain or intense workouts, will harm you EarDrops or the charging case due to their IPX5 rating for sweat and water resistance.

Mute the noise.
Mute the noise.

Each earphone has a mic that is protected by an acoustic mesh to ensure that your voice is heard clearly during phone calls.

A Case Packed With Power.A Case Packed With Power.
A Case Packed With Power.

The USB-C charging case extends the amount of time that your EarDrops can be used for listening to music by up to 150 hours.

EarDrops  is the Leader 
in Audio, Design, and Convencience

Great for Work

Equip your workday with the seamless efficiency of EarDrops. With their barely noticeable size along with a high-quality microphone and speakers, you can attend calls or listen to music without compromising your focus. 

Their stylish design effortlessly blends with your professional attire, and the robust charging case eliminates the worry of mid-day battery drain. Plus with an IPX5 rating, they can easily handle the hustle of work, from unexpected spills to high-stress moments.

Highly Fashionable

Elevate your style quotient with EarDrops. Their petite size and elegant curves make them not just earphones, but a chic accessory that subtly complements your outfit.

Despite being practically invisible from the front, their presence doesn't go unnoticed, adding a modern, tech-savvy edge to your appearance. Beyond just their looks, EarDrops also feature intuitive controls, merging style with effortless usability.

Designed for Active Lifestyles

EarDrops are your perfect partner for an active, on-the-go lifestyle. Their snug fit and sweatproof rating make them an excellent choice for everything from morning jogs to intense workout sessions.

The high-quality sund keeps your motivational tunes crystal clear, while the intuitive control system allows you to effortlessly adjust you playlist, even mid-stride.

More Cutting Edge Features!
  • Quick Connection
    Effortless pairing with your iOS, Android, or any other device for a hassle-free experience.
  • High-Definition Sound
    Experience music and calls like never before with unparalleled audio clarity.
  • Invisible Design
    A fit so snug in your ear they can't bee seen from the front.
  • Sweat and Waterproof
    IPX5 rating ensures your EarDrops and charging case remain unaffected by sweat or rain.
  • Long Lasting Power
    The USB-C charging case extends listening time up to an impressive 150 hours.
  • Acoustic Mesh Mic
    Built-in microphone protected by an acoustic mesh for crystal clear calls, even in noisy environments.
  • Fashion Forward
    A stylish curved shape with a sleek finish to elevate your personal style.
  • Force Sensor Controls
    A simple pinch gives you full command over your media and calls.
  • Comfort for Hours
    Ergonomic design allows for extended wear without discomfort, even during sleep.
  • Active Noise Cancellation
    Ensures an immersive listening experience free of external disturbances.

Customer reviews

Discover Why 12 K + Customers Love the EarDrops
Customer reviews

Verified Reviews


Omar D. - Ohio

I was pleasantly surprised by the swift and seamless pairing process with my Android device. It's truly a plug-and-play experience, maintaining a solid connection even when my they're in another part of the house. These micro earphones have really simplified how I use my earphones.

Mark L. - Florida

EarDrops have actually revolutionized my workout routine. Their secure fit and consistent sound quality provides an invigorating backdrop to my exercising. No matter how intense my movements, they stay put and blast my power playlist just how I like.

Blake R. - California

A+ for the sleek design and the light weight!


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Can you just wear one of the earphones?
Yes, it works if you want to just wear one and then switch to the other later in the day.
If you are facing a camera, would these be visible?
When facing a camera, these earphones will not be seen. They are quite small, and because they fit entirely within the ear canal, no one can see them.
Are they suitable for phone calls? Is the caller able to hear?
Yes, your callers will be able to hear you clearly.
Do they easily fall out when walking or running?
No, they do not. EarDrops are designed ergonomically to prevent falling out.
How long does the battery last for?
Each charge gets up to 6 hours, and with the charging case you can get up to a total of 150 hours for listening to music.
What is the range of the Bluetooth connection?
The EarDrops maintain a stable connection up to 10 meters (33 feet) away from your device, allowing you to move freely without interrupting your music or calls.
How do the controls on the EarDrops work?
The force sensor on the EarDrops allows easy control of your media. A simple pinch can play, pause, and skip tracks, as well as answer and end phone calls.
How resistant are EarDrops to water and sweat?
EarDrops come with an IPX5 rating, which means they can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray and sweat, making them ideal for workouts and outdoor use.

Big Sound Tiny Package

Next generation earphones with a modern design


Get the 50% OFF Promotion that ends tomorrow